Birds and wildlife



This is George our six year old retriever. He is very friendly, loves people and other dogs.

We do realise though that not all people and not all dogs love him back.

Please let us know if you have issues with dogs or if your pet doesn't like other dogs and we will be sure to keep him away .




Our feeders bring in a variety of garden birds which you can watch whilst enjoying your breakfast.

Various tits, finches, robins, sparrows, wagtails, and woodpecker are amongst the daily visitors to our garden. The sparrow hawks are occasionally seen swooping into the garden but so far without success! The resident pheasants are often tapping on the kitchen door or squawking loudly to remind us to bring them food in the morning . 

Red Kite Scotland



From pine martins, stoats, hedgehogs and even red squirrels there is an abundance of wildlife. The roe deer are frequently seen around the property with the larger red deer in the woods around us.


Owls hoot at night outside of our window and in the summer, at dusk, the bats come out.


Red kites are often seen above us on the search for tasty morsels. All of the wildlife photo's on the website were taken from Clashmore Wood garden last summer. If you're lucky you might even see a golden eagle!


Red squirrels are now seen locally after being introduced to Migdale in October 2020.